Springfield Blue @ Westfield July 26 2020
Conlon Gets Ferguson In
Conlon Gets Ferguson In Again
Conlon Gets N Perez In With A Single To LF
Conlon With A Play At 1B
D Perez Gets Reines In With A Single To RF
Ferguson With A Double Play From The Mound
Ferguson Hard Hit Up The Middle
Ferguson Picks'Em Off
Ferguson Play At SS
Ferguson Singles To RF
Ferguson Takes Care Of 2nd Inning Himself
Ferguson Strikes Out 2 In The 3rd
Harter Gets Ferguson In
Harter Gets Huber In
Harter gets The Strike Out To End Game
Huber Gets N Perez In
N Perez Drops One In Shallow Center
N Perez Gets Wuest In
Pinho Gets In D Perez
Pinho Singles To Left
Reines With The Catch In Left
Reines Gets Conlon & Harter In
Reines Gets Harter In
Wuest With The Blast To RF
Wuest Gets Pinho In
Wuest Gets Robbed In Left