@ Florham Park August 6 2020
Antonio With Final Play To End Game
Antonio Play At 3B
Antonio Play At 3B Again
Corea Bare Hands One Off Geitner's Glove
Corea Drives In Geitner & Huppert To Tie Game In 6th
Corea Gets Huppert In
Corea With An Infield Single
Corea With A Line Drive Catch At SS
Corea Nice Catch In Shallow Left
Corea Nice Play At SS In The 6th
Corea Play At SS
Corea With Another Play At SS
Corea Gets The 2nd Out In The 6th
Gage Catch At 2B To End The Inning
Gage Gets Blass In For An Insurance Run
Gage Gets Corea In
Gage With A Play At 2B To End The Inning
Gage With A Nice Play At 2B
Geitner Nice Play At Mound To End The 5th
Geitner Singles Up The Middle
Geitner Strikes Em Out To End The Inning
Huppert Catch In Center
Huppert Clearly Foul Tipped Ball On BS Strike Out Call
Huppert Hard Hit To 2B
Lafazan Gets Called Out In A Rundown With BS Call
Lafazan With A Catch In Left
Levy With A Catch In Foul Territory
Weinberg Gets The Go Ahead Run In In The 6th